Sunday, January 14, 2024

The advancement of information technology has changed the world. The most noticeable today is the transaction tool that some people do. From conventional methods until now has been valid electronic transactions, and the most phenomenal now is the existence of an electronic exchange instrument called Bitcoin.

In order to know how to buy safe moon crypto, there should be implementation of the correct approach. The choosing of the safe and trustworthy exchange is also essential to get the desired results. There is a need to gather the entire information to have a safe and secure experience. 

There are now many online payment systems. Each has its own rules and terms and conditions. And you can freely choose which service is most appropriate for you.

However, not all services that can receive and have services with your different needs.

For example, you have a number of Bitcoin, but the store where you will shop only serves purchase using Paypal.

So this is where you need an Exchanger to change your digital money so it can be used anywhere.

Unfortunately, some exchangers apply a small exchange fee, and not a few who become a fraud.

For that, then you need to carefully choose a safe exchanger.

Here we give you how to choose the best e-currency exchanger, which will be your trusted partner for many years.

  1. Notice the protocol of the website.

The web page address must start with https instead of http.

This kind of web address will guarantee that the exchanger will not get hacked, and your money will not be lost

  1. Perfect Money payment system has its own system of best e-currency exchange evaluation.

Use their services that have a Trust Score (TS) amount greater than 2000.

The WebMoney payment system has the same way of appraisal, where this number is called the business rate (BL).

Note: if the exchanger does not work with Webmoney or Perfect Money, TS and BL will have hyphens.

Even if you do not have to exchange with one of these two systems, their evaluation of the service can help anyway.

  1. Pay attention to the domain name of the website.

Online currency exchange services designed to work in the long run, can not be run on free hosting.

To get to know this you should look at the domain name: if it is divided into two parts by dot (for example, – it is a second level domain.

If the site name is divided into three parts with two points (for example,, it is a third-level domain.

The best e-currency changers can only have second-level domains.

  1. Using the WHOIS service.

You can also find useful information: domain registration date and expiration date.

This will give you an idea of ​​how long the site works and as far as the owner plans.

  1. Read reviews about the services you’re interested in.

Unfortunately, not all of them are written by honest people.

  1. Check some blacklists whether they have an online currency exchange service you want to use.

On the Internet, there are many websites that post the list of unscrupulous e-currency changers.

In addition, you should note that one possible fraud scheme could be a full backup of popular online exchangers: a fake website can have the same interface, same name, and even the same support.

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