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Are you a fan of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise? If so, you must be familiar with the thrilling adventure that comes with taming and mastering dragons. This guide will provide a comprehensive tier list for beginner and experienced players on how to train their dragon. Whether it’s Hiccup, Astrid, or Toothless from the original Dreamworks movie, there is a dragon out there for everyone—and this list will help you find them.

The Basics: What You Need To Know

Before diving into the tier list, let’s review some basic information about training dragons. First off, it’s important to note that all dragons require patience and dedication. It can take months or even years to tame one fully. In addition, each dragon requires different techniques to be properly trained; while some respond best to positive reinforcement, others may need more aggressive methods such as physical force or fear tactics. Finally, when it comes time to battle other dragons, remember that fire-breathing is not always necessary! Speed and agility can often make up for a lack of firepower when pitted against larger opponents.

Tier One Dragons: The Elite

At the top of our tier list are what we call “the elite”—dragons who have mastered flight and possess immense strength and firepower without any additional training required. These include Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD), Deathgrippers from HTTYD 2, Gronckles from HTTYD 3: The Hidden World, and Nightfuries from both movies. All four of these creatures boast incredible speed and agility as well as impressive breath weapons ranging from intense lightning blasts to powerful fireballs capable of destroying anything in their wake.

Tier Two Dragons: Versatile Fighters

In second place are the versatile fighters who don’t necessarily need extra training, but who become far more powerful when properly guided by their masters. These include Deadly Nadders from HTTYD 1 & 2; Monstrous Nightmares from HTTYD 1 & 2; Whispering Deaths from HTTYD 2; Hideous Zipplebacks from HTTYD 1 & 2; Changewings from HTTYD 3; Scauldrons from HTTYD 3; Skrills from HTTYD 3; Typhoomerangs from Hidden World; Hobgolgins from Hidden World; Razorwhips from Hidden World; Timberjacks from Hidden World. All of these creatures have unique abilities, such as dual heads that allow for two simultaneous attacks, or wings that emit sonic booms as they fly. With enough practice, they can easily become a formidable force in battle.

Level three dragons: Easier to tame

Rounding out our list of tiers are the easier-to-tame dragons, found primarily in the first two games, but also appearing in later installments such as Stormcutters in HTTYD2 and Snifflers in HTTYT3. These creatures usually don’t require much training, just simple commands such as ‘up’ and ‘down’. They include the Terrible Terrors, which can be found throughout both movies; the Rumblehorns, which were prominent during the uprisings on Dragon Island; the Windgnashers, which were first seen on Valka’s mountain home; the Shockjaws, which were last seen during Berk’s defense against Drago Bludvist; the Boneknappers, which were prominent during Hiccup’s journey with Stoick; and the Red Death, the largest dragon ever seen on screen, which Hiccup slew at the end of his quest. While they are generally gentle creatures that won’t cause much trouble if left alone, they can be very useful companions if trained properly.

Final note

Now that you know more about how to train your own dragon, it’s time to decide which one is right for you! With careful consideration, all of the tiers should offer a suitable choice, depending on the type of challenge you’re looking for. So go ahead, fly into the unknown with your favorite flying companion… oh, brave knight!

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